Zulfadhli Zaki


Zulfadhli Zaki graduated in Diploma Photography Technology in 2012. He first started photography as a hobby, and decided to pursue his passion in Photojournalism at Industrial University of Selangor (UNISEL), Malaysia. He is one of a few of Malaysian photographers to host a fundraising photography exhibition for the NGO Next Generation Nepal during Nepal Earthquake 2015. His work has been published in SinarHarian, TheSun Daily, Solusi, Dewan Budaya (DBP), Newzulu, Citizenside, Newsweek, The New York Times, and Times.






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I am currently working as a press photographer for a local newspaper and reside in Kuala Lumpur and of course it is part of my duty to document the city every day. My intention on using mobile phone cameras is to share the situation of every day Malaysian life. I like to show the power of the mobile phone in this day and age as one of the best mediums for communicating. It’s in everyone’s hand and is far more effective and faster than a traditional camera. We can make pictures of what we want to convey and keep people aware of their surroundings instantly. Most of my pictures I take is of daily life oriented in a journalistic way.

Crows surrounding black cloud at Bukit Nenas.

The mist surrounding Petronas Twin Tower from KL Tower

Opposition rally at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

Festive decorations at Pavilion Mall.

Taoist devotees during the Nine Gods Emperor festival in Jalan Ampang.

Malaysian Indians during Malaysia Indian Congress Party annual meeting at PWTC

Homeless asking for needs at Chow Kit Road.

Riot Police on duty at Petaling Street.

Hijab stall at Jalan TAR