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Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Thank you to all the photographers who submitted proposals, 65 in total, we received from the open call. Over the past 3 weeks,, we looked through each project proposed and looked at your statements and images carefully.

We announce the 20 selected photographers below, whose proposals have been the most captivating and unique, varied and engaging that we feel, would inform and inspire a KL-wide audience with their considered and poignant projects, strong but uncomplicated photography that defines who we are and where we are heading. Our selection criteria was to have a variety of creative stories centred in and around Kuala Lumpur that are developed, socially aware, and where the projects that have or will be undertaken, combines research, planning and execution, and where the narrative goes beyond mere snaps of the city. We can't wait to see their updates and progress as they start their projects from now.

Alvin Lau

Acacia Daud

Amir Shariff

Ang Xia Yi

Annice Lyn

Antoine Loncle

Azul Adnan

Daniel Adams

Fitri Jalil

Jack Yong

Jo Quah

Jun M. Nor

KG Krishnan

Mark Morris/Cheryl Hoffmann [ in collaboration ]

Mei Ying Chan

Mooreyameen Mohamad

Nana Safiana

Shazni Zainal

Veronika Read

Vignes Balasingam

Featured Photographer - Special Projects

Munirah Rohaizan

NOTE : COVID-19 - The current situation is fluid and there are quarantine orders in the country. We hope that this will be lifted as soon as possible and normality ensues again, so that as photographers we can go about freely to do what we do best with our cameras. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe and watch out for our neighbours and friends in need.

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