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Too Early for Thaipusam

They came in group of five. While the rest were asleep, I chatted with Elavarasan from Chennai, India. He came to Malaysia for work and he currently worked at a factory in Johor. Having only one day off, he and his friends plan to leave in the evening after prayers.

"Won't you be tired?" I asked. "Well, we couldn't get an extra day off. But it's worth it. Today is a very important day for us" he said. He spoke very good Bahasa, after two years being in Malaysia. I thought he was local. As our currency weakens, he plans to look for a job in Singapore as soon his contract ends.

"I want to work hard now as I'm only 23. My plan is to get married at the age 26 with my girlfriend back in India" his eyes shine with hope. I wish him well and luck.

Photo by Irene Yap

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