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KL-Ga is launched!

Image ©Amir Shariff

Welcome to the first post of KL-Ga.org, a new online photo-community, led and supported by photographers for the benefit of Kuala Lumpurians and anyone who has an interest in this city. The photographers selected here represent some of the prominent image makers we have today, living and working in the city, and we hope they will enrich viewers with their personal visions and stories to come.

This site is an image-led documentation and archiving platform about Kuala Lumpur - a city built around the confluence of two rivers some 160 years ago, diverse in culture, dynamically rich in ethnicities. Some 7.5 million inhabitants all living within this imaginary expanding boundary of a city in transition. Kuala Lumpur today is in a state of flux. Sometimes, it feels like the city has been a perpetual construction site. At times, bursting at its seams. However, these chosen photographers have shown that amongst the noise and dust, they can eek out the clear tones of humanity with their cameras. Often pointing their lenses at the very people they share the streets, trains, buses, highways, offices, and alleys with to capture split second moments to share with you. This online platform will provide a window to peek into from the outside world, and make visible their photographs of Kuala Lumpur, as they go about their lives in this congested Asian city.

They live and work here. They photograph the city as they know how, in familiar and unfamiliar places. Please support them by visiting and sharing this platform with your friends and anyone who loves Kuala Lumpur.

Official Launch

On the 13 August, we welcome Naoko Ohta, founder director of Tokyo-ga.org to Kuala Lumpur. She will officially launch the KL chapter of what is a new and exciting photography platform for KL-ites and Malaysians to support. All KL-GA photographers and their friends are invited to attend this launch, at Whitebox gallery, PUBLIKA Saturday 13 August at 13:30. Following the launch, there will be a presentation by Japanese artists who are part of the FocusJapan exhibition.

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