Charles Pertwee 



Independent photographer since 1995, urbanite.


I began my freelance career after assisting commercial photographers having finished degrees in History and Law in London. 20 years later I have not lost the passion for photography and photojournalism in particular. In that time I have worked in first world cities, third world slums, in steaming jungles, on icy glaciers, in the presence of royalty, in the presence of warlords, slept in 5 star hotel beds and cold train station floors in pursuit of my craft and bring all my experience to bear on each and every shoot, corporate, editorial or personal. 




Instagram    @cpertwee




This is a series exploring the built environment, particularly around the rivers and their confluence that give the city of Kuala Lumpur it's name.






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Steven V-L Lee / Project Director / Chief Curator

Nadirah Zakariya / Co-curator

Munirah Rohaizan / Project Manager


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