Syefry Moniz Mohd. Nizar




A big believer in living in the moment, and will constantly be searching for that perfect moment to tell the whole story. By doing so, it’s a challenge to me every time I do a documentary story and prefer that the story proposes a question rather than give an answer.

It’s therapy for me to do another genre of photography, after having ventured over from Fashion and Entertainment over the last decade. I hope to learn something new and explore life as we see.


“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share a story with you.”

Syefry graduated from the Faculty of Art & Design, University Technology Mara (UiTM)with a Diploma in Photography. Presently he is a photojournalist at a local newspaper.



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This series is about the old market at Kg. Bahru, Jalan Raja Bot. The series is still on-going as a project and the basic idea is about past and present.