Lim Paik Yin




Lim Paik Yin works with performance art, photography and spoken words.  Graduating with a B.A in Multimedia, her art education is supplemented through workshops organized by galleries, collectives and cultural institutions with bases in Malaysia. 

Lim’s practice in theater transitioned to the visual arts through workshops organized by women’s rights groups and debut in the visual arts project, Scripted Bodies Art Exhibition in 2005. This group show use the human body as a visual motif to explore the various ideologies and political forces that shape attitudes towards the human bodies. This theme has been revisited in various forms. Her current work questions the validity of personal identity and space and is influenced by her activism in gender equality, as well as her dance practice in contact improvisation. 

“By using the presence of oneself and transforming everyday space through performance, I can view the self as a separate entity and thus intervene in my everyday routine creating a temporal opportunity to express what is unspoken or hidden.”



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Pockets of Verdure


With burgeoning highways and epic megamalls dotting the Klang Valley, the memory of huge trees lining the streets of lingers in shrinking green pockets. Malaysia is a country that was economically tied to agriculture. Despite a move to the industrial and service based sectors, this project seeks to document and explore the interactions of the urban dweller in the Klang Valley with their gardens in the public sphere.



We are conditioned by lines, colours and lights. 
We stop when it is red, and we only cross the road where there are lines. 
By being conditioned, we are just limiting ourselves to just follow the arrows.
However, when it is green, we are allowed to move 
and we can move out of our controlled mindset

SANSHIN performed by Mario Khojin