Jeffrey J C Lim


Jeffrey Lim practises design, photography, and many other art forms. Lately, he has been leaning towards urbanist ideologies, with consultancy, cycling advocacy & social art projects. Searching for an identity, through heritage & cultural initiatives, he is trying to create a new relevance by incorporating his design & life experiences with a deep environmental consciousness, searching for a sustainable way forward.


"A communication designer by training, my exploration into photography runs parallel to my design approach, mainly directed at the question of why rather than aesthetics. It is documentative, trying to capture meaning through sight. Photography & darkroom printing are both close to my heart and I explore them through my latest photography project entitled ‘KANTA’. 

This project explores the building of a ‘century old’ instant camera. A camera obscura which functions as a darkroom. It utilises photo paper as a negative and positive substrate, and is an ingenious way for reproduction.


Kanta (which means 'lens' in Malay will be made from salvaged & waste materials. Apart from the unique process of building this camera, this project also hopes to capture a unique portrait of everyday society.  The printing process & effect juxtaposing with what is recorded creates an interesting and unique insight into ourselves through the ‘lens’ by which we see others. This project was originally inspired by the Afghan Box Camera Project, with support from the Krishen Jit Astro Fund.

Jeffrey is currently organising an online gallery and producing prints for an exhibition to bring closure to the first phase of this project. In preparation for the next phase where the concept of this artform can be taken beyond, into photo-making & printing/ building workshops and travelling Kamra.

KANTA Box Kamra

KANTA Journal


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Steven V-L Lee / Project Director / Chief Curator

Nadirah Zakariya / Co-curator

Munirah Rohaizan / Project Manager


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