kG Krishnan 



kG Krishnan was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1989. A journalist, photographer and spoken word artist, his art explores ideas concerning sexuality, gender politics and the intimacy of human relationships in contemporary cultural contexts.


As a commercial photographer and art director, kG Krishnan's clientele comprises design institutions, fashion designers, advertising agencies, filmmakers, musicians and lifestyle publications - for whom he produces images, film and fashion productions. His work, both writing and photography, has been widely published around Southeast Asia and occasionally appears in European and American publications.


He currently does visual consulting and art direction for production and advertising clients in Kuala Lumpur while working on personal projects.



kG is working on his second photo book - a collection of photo essays on urban development in Kuala Lumpur.





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Strayshots is a monthly column in Clive Magazine (Catcha Publications) I authored from mid-2013 to the end of 2014, writing and photographing stories of KL, and sometimes other places. The pages serve as an avenue to discuss and work on ideas concerning the many aspects of development in Southeast Asia, using Malaysia (namely, Kuala Lumpur) as a starting point in what I find to be much larger conversation. This column was revived under a different publication (Juice Magazine) in January 2015 and is currently titled NOIR.

NOIR is the second part of a series of photo essays on urban development in Malaysia that appears regularly in Juice Magazine. Formerly published under the Strayshots column in Clive magazine, the shift in publication brought about a new tone --and by extension, new ways of thinking and seeing the issues explored in these stories.

The NOIR pages are, for the most part, photographed in the dead of night and is focused on narratives that come to life once the city has gone to sleep.