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Cheryl is a global-citizen photographer, with an obsessive curiosity about expressions of socio-cultural and religious beliefs. Having lived in various places for 30 years, Cheryl has finally settled in Malaysia, a place where common themes of faith and diverse cultures provide opportunities for her visual storytelling.


Cheryl comes from a family of geographers. Her MA in Historical Geography nurtured her interest in cultural preservation, which she now uses to explore concepts of both tangible and intangible heritage. Her long-term projects include documenting traditional performing arts in SE Asia, an exploration of the life of Asian immigrants in the Canadian prairies, as well as an adventure to observe the unique energy of Chinese Spirit Mediums.


Cheryl’s images have been exhibited on the street, in small galleries, and featured in local publications. She attends photography festivals and workshops to forever be inspired by bigger ideas. Cheryl is a mentor with KLPA Exposure+.

"I live in the city centre and love to make images wherever I walk. I'm always looking for light and perspective on the visuals around me and that is when my photography is its most conceptual. I have a reputation as a religious festival freak and have a major collection of images about belief. In both of those interests, I am never far from thinking about spaces and the play of relationships within those spaces.


Many of the religious activities and festivals that I attend are also held in and around KL. I have had a blog about the Nine Emperor Gods Festival for several years and most of that is focused on the temple in Ampang. "





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