Harriet van Eldik-Ten Hoopen



Harriet was born in The Netherlands and has worked in business and lived in Norway before she decided to start her education at the Photo Academy in Groningen. Three years later she was able to launch her own photography studio focusing oncommercial photography.

Now she is lucky to be an expat again in Kuala Lumpur and has the opportunity to put more time and effort in ‘free work’ and to participate in some photo projects for charity.

She likes to work on location and get inspiration out of unpredictable situations. She loves observing people and situations and try to see something special in the ordinary.

"For this project ‘Desire Path' I saw people taking the shortest way to somewhere through a construction site high up from my balcony on the 19th floor in KLCC. It was fascinating to see the light, structures and patterns on the site chang due to the weather or human involvement but most of all, I was wondering, who are these people?"


"They are walking in their own 'slice' of time, somebody was there before them, shadows are acting as an hourglass and together they create a desire path."