Chan Mei Ying (a.k.a Jayna) 




I am a Malaysian photographer based in KL and London. I shoot mainly film using 35mm and medium format cameras. My interest lies in culture and the different ways we live our lives.

As I travel between the 2 places I call home, I am always seeing the city with new eyes. These are parts and pieces of KL that feel familiar and almost like I never left; while others with its changes and new development sometimes bear little resemblance to the place I knew. My photo projects are the documentation of those observations.



Completed Projects


“These Places We Call Our Own” documents the interiors of living spaces. The project aims to show how these everyday spaces say so much about our culture, identity and values.


“Idyllic Days” documents life in Segambut, which used to be an area of rubber plantations that is now slowly disappearing due to the development of condominiums in the area.


On-going project

“10,288 miles” is a project to mark my 10 years of living between both UK and Malaysia. This is in edit phase and due to be completed Dec 2016.


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Steven V-L Lee / Project Director / Chief Curator

Nadirah Zakariya / Co-curator

Munirah Rohaizan / Project Manager


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