Mahen Bala




Mahen Bala is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


His photographs have been exhibited in Malaysia, Germany and Paris, and films screened at international film festivals, with his works described as ‘humanistic, subtle and honest.’ 


He enjoys working on photo essays, focusing on social commentary on subjects around the country. Among the notable projects he has worked on include portraits of the displaced Penans in Sarawak, a series of essays on Kuala Lumpur, the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and the madness of monsoon surfing in Cherating. 


At the most recent ‘Beyond Borders’ exhibition he produced an eight-meter long print capturing the monsoon experience in his hometown on the east coast. He is currently working on ’Postcards from the South’, a book documenting the history of the southern sector of the Malaysian railway line.


Instagram  @54joules


My essays on KL are compiled as a collection of photographs and they are due to be published. As such, I can't share them publicly just yet. What I do have are snapshots of Kuala Lumpur and its people over the years. Now those I can share, if only I can find them.